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The premature rewrite is here...

Okay, so turns out an environment where I have to juggle driving school, paid work and B3313 A3 development isn't great if I've also got a website that barely anybody frequents, to nonetheless redo its infrastructure from the ground up.

That's mainly why I am slightly late... but:

  • all benedani.xyz pages now FINALLY redirect to chlorobyte.me;
  • the deadname references have been purged as much as applicable so far;
  • technical debt on my end has been reduced, and your browser should be much happier as well making significantly less requests!

One minor downside is the lack of a notification system, as that has been purged in favor of an RSS feed. However... I do not currently link to said RSS feed, since that would imply the existence of separate pages for each post, which is on my todo list. Due to the aforementioned responsibilities, as well as other community plans (e.g. a Matrix space and an account system), the ETA is: 2-3 months.

A couple minor tweaks

Name change - massive changes ahead.

I am dropping the 'Benedani' name, once and for all.

My past has been a wild ride, to say the least. I have been shaped in pretty funky ways, and it is about time for me to realise my past mistakes and move on from them. The 'Benedani' name has been tainted for a whole decade long with various types of behavior, all as a result of being comically bored with the lack of a life.

By taking up the 'Chlorobyte' name, I am not only finally picking up a stable online identity, but signalling my discomfort with who I was before June of 2023. I am aware of what kind of a person I was, and I do not need to be reminded anymore. In conclusion - refer to past me as Benedani, and do not refer to me today as Benedani.

This is going to affect the website as well. We are moving to a new domain, chlorobyte.me. All links to benedani.xyz are to be rerouted, as I also make the appropriate changes on the website, as well as my profiles across the board, on every single website. That will be a pain. Details and the exact deprecation plan can be found here.

Unfortunately, this will be another April 1st with no project release. Nothing much soon either; I will be focused primarily on developing my new life in the upcoming months. At 21 years old, I have to do the basics such as learning how to live, driving school as well as continue my social development. That being said, let's hope I can come up with something by this time in 2025!

Chris' B3313 v1.0 is out!

Ignoring Chris' release would just be unnecessarily petty. Get into the new B3313 page to download the new release for yourself if you'd like another playthrough of pretty much the same game... the main noticeable differences are in the audio design, overall polish, and there is like, 1 new set of areas in the castle.

This is the case where you might want to enable the Use untweaked versions checkbox. I have applied the newest version of TrollEngine in the tweaked version, which fixes among other things:

  • the 'BOB crash'.
  • 8 certain red stars counting as yellow stars. The red star unlock progression is more gradual like in Unabandoned.
  • A certain annoying asf boss' HP is reduced.

I should note that there was never any peace treaty between me and Chris (you would have known about it by now). The pain and anguish this fucker has caused us still lives on, and we will not forget until he settles with us properly. That includes a proper, public facing apology; recognizing the person who helped me out of dark times instead of treating her as nonexistent, an alt account.

B3313 Jumpscare

Rest in peace, Paper Mario: Bowser is Back. You were... certainly something.

Taking its spot is the Super Mario 64 hack of which I had a major part in its development - B3313! Might as well:

  • have a public-facing B3313 stuff announcement channel;
  • provide the best ROM patching experience yet, around my B3313 stash - check out the new B3313 page!

With the new page also comes my final, official response to the B3313 drama bullshit that's been going on for a while now. It mainly exposes the horrible actions of the former lead developer, ChrisRLillo, while also providing the sources that I am way less guilty than they try to make it out to be.

The lore wiki, at last.

It only took 2 months to start work on the lore wiki project!

Yep... I have been consumed once again, this time by a massive list of trolling I wanted to do. Work has its own weekly toll as well.
All things considered, things are going pretty good when Hungarian school isn't destroying your brain from the inside out, who would have thought?

But anyways, the lore wiki is live now! Dive into my page, and come to our lore Discord to discuss and request access.

Copper shoutout once again (this video's way funnier than the previous one. I finally found a video editor that isn't garbage. And it's fucking Blender.)

Life Update

This post is kinda long overdue, but whatever.

Another year goes by...
Even more has happened. I have graduated from school again, for real this time. Now it really will not swallow all of my time with useless garbage. I have already gotten into 2 separate game dev jobs, and, at last, I have achieved control of my life. Finally...

I really have to give a shoutout to Copper for being an amazing person in my life after countless useless, fake creatures that came before and after her. Without her coaching and emotional support, I would be long gone from this planet.

I would like a much richer, livelier life than what I'm used to. But that will take money, so in the meantime, project development will continue. Better make good use of my free time than waste it by doing nothing.

I am thinking of reviving Brawlforming, making better game design and way better marketing decisions. In the Mario 64 hacking department, we have finished B3313 1.0, and are moving on to an unaffiliated, similar project finally using the decomp for once, that will be receiving similar treatment - adapted to the world, not blind within our (or in this case, one betakid's) vision.

Also... seriously, humans? This time, this goes to not my Discord server - but a different one. This page literally calls itself "Deep Lore". It goes without saying that this is not a reality that I am trapped in, all delusional. Either way, I should probably actually get going to organize that information into a wiki lol

CuteCat is (finally) public!

It's been a while, huh...
A whole year without a single post...
A lot has happened. I have graduated from school (so it will no longer swallow all of my time with useless garbage), and I am working on a completely different set of projects now. My main focus right now is the small Super Mario 64 romhack, B3313 that you might or might not have heard of.

Anyways, enough about that. Let's get to the point.

I rewrote CuteCat over a year ago. This rewrite was intended to bring CuteCat to a state in which it could be publicly released, but a few issues, mostly school has prevented this from happening thus far. But now that I've ironed out all the issues and packed a bunch of features in... it's finally time.

Check the CuteCat page for more information, or add the bot to your server right away!